August 8, 2012

Way too long ago…..

by victorymoon

It has been ages since I did a post; not sure why… just Is!

So today, as I was reading a blog or two, it occurred to me it was time to update a bit.

Been wondering if I have any information to share, and honestly, not really.

It has been so hot here, 103+, most days, that my motivation is slim. Although, I have finally obtained two 4x4x10 ft treated posts and two bags of quikcrete, and got one post in the ground the other night.

Working in the early morn or mid to late eve is best these days… does not provide much time, yet, enough to get a few simple tasks done.

I am currently putting the posts in the ground near the rig to provide some shade. I gave a co-worker a used desk top computer and she gifted me with a mammoth sized black mesh shade cloth! A wonderful and needed addition to my spot.

Now I am devising a structure to place the cloth upon.

I want it to be multi- purpose, of course, and when time and money permit, to become a structure with a tin roof on it. Maybe work in some walls and windows too.

I have been collecting building materials when they become available, from job, and when I can find a simple inexpensive way to bring them home. So far I have 5 double pane windows, two bi-fold doors, a hollow core door, and have my sites on some screen inserts that I am hoping to grab up for close to nothing.

Storing them is also an issue, since the old trailer is full of leaks and the floor is rotting away. These issues were present when I moved up here, and the reason I began to pull the trailer apart. Then, as I realized I needed storage, I stopped the tear down and started using it instead.

My cottage plans are still on hold, due to many reasons… One being, energy to build, another, money, and now, as I am in a holding pattern, I find the spot I picked is maybe not the best area to build in.

I had planned to place the cottage, up on a deck, on posts, since the ground is sandy loam and shifts so easily. Plus, I had the field all staked out, and as I watch and walk the area, I find the heat unbearable!!!

Too much open area! It was a good idea for passive solar for the winter, when I was in full planning mode, yet, now that summer is in full swing… Too much Sun! So.. have been re-thinking, re-planning… Closer to the Persimmon trees will be better… and maybe.. maybe dig into the ground so that I can use some of the natural ground cooling too.

Not sure how much digging I can do, yet, maybe at least enough to get One room built into the ground. The whole plan has really changed, since the drought, and if this is the weather pattern to be, then plans must be made to work “with” nature, instead of adding AC and all that other stuff.

No recent photos; seems the camera and I need to become good friends again.

May 22, 2012

Struggling Less?

by victorymoon

People who know they are powerful do not need to engage in power struggles.

— Alan Cohen

May 22, 2012

Love Stinks and Floats; build Ships and Moats!

by victorymoon

Just opened my eyes to the part about how my eyes are open seeking shit talkers.
That is what has me going; when it comes to B & M, for example.
Both have contacted me over the past few days, found their emails yesterday.
Replied causally to each; nothing unkind, just to the point they emailed about.

Yet, just got it this morn……………even after spending the time I did in the vortex of lies I was in, I was not blackened with soot.
Then I moved to Wimberley, C, the gal I rented the room from……….. Lies
K & her artist friend M……………Lies
Got to OK, taking lead on Jeans biz, apartment manager H……………… Lies

Sifted through the ashes a few times to recover to the point where I could see……… a bit like being caught in the overflow of Mt Vesuvius or something by that point.

Then, month after month, contact with brother M.
Only to be down the road 18 or so months later… there he stood, telling tales about me, in an audience of my family. As though he knew what he was talking about.
To be calling me names to my face, in the waiting room, while our mother lay dying in ICU.

While I stood straight and fought back the tears so that I could sort through a woman’s belongings…. while I dismantled a woman’s life…………. a friend, who had hauled off two loads of items for her own use, sent word, through someone else, that she was no longer available. Actually, she was not even that upfront; word was they were not available that day. No further word from either followed for the rest of the week, which I used to finish out the apartment and close down the address. When I attempted to find out how she was over the weekend, her husband was told to tell me she would call me back.
She never did.


like dirty rotten food out of the dumpster that someone else has already had in their mouth, chewed up, and then spit out.



September 28, 2011


by victorymoon

If you can’t unify, then at least harmonize.

— Alan Cohen

March 24, 2011


by victorymoon


Been plotting and planninPlansg today, as I hang out clothes on the new line. The field nearby is my idea of a grand spot to begin a new living area. I have in mind, a wonderful Cottage; two-story with sleeping upstairs. Placed on a large deck, which is accessible on three sides of the structure. So, I have been raking and pulling out any brush that is starting to come up, and planting a few bulbs under the trees that the clothes line is connected to.

Now, this has been going on for the past two weeks, on my days off. Just today though, I thought, I best get a general idea of how much distance there is between where I am presently parked in the Vee, and how far I am going to go with my new setup needs. Seems I have way under estimated the distance from the present water and electric connections. Way not a good thing for many reasons.

First, I am needing to re-locate the current burn pit. The current pit is right in the way for the new road I have in mind. Must have water access wherever the piFire Pitt will be. Everything is good where it is, yet, when I move it to a new area… more hose is needed, or, a need hydrant connection. New hose will be least expensive, and I can do that soon. New Hydrant will mean digging a ditch, laying in pipes… Yikes!

Then, there is the issue of the Cottage I have in mind. To get the current company I am dealing with, to build it, the site must be within 150 ft of an electric hookup, OR, they will charge me an additional 80 buckaroos a day, so they can use a generator for power tools.. ..Yikes!!

So, to get a rough estimate, I stretched out my current hose to the full length, and it just made it to the Persimmon Patch, which is, the edge of the field PRIOR to where the building site is located and the new pit area is to be. I think the two lengths of hose I have are equivalent to 200 ft, which means I AM over my limit, for plumbing AND electric.

What to do now?… Guess I am back into planning stage, or, assume there are going to be additional costs I would prefer to NOT have. Of course, nothing has begun yet, it is all chatter with electricians, plumbers, and builders; nothing set in stone. Sure have my heart motivated by the Cottage plans though. Almost had the furniture in place; mentally anyway.

Ponder- While I was walking the area, seeking the spot for the new pit, I spied “another” tree that has uprooted itself. This makes two in the same area of land. What the heck?? By the way, same area is where I am looking at replacing the pit. Wonder if that has any significance. ……… “curiouser and curiouser…” says Alice.

March 3, 2011

A Day Off…

by victorymoon

A friend of mine moved to Mexico many moons ago; she picked a place, basically, in the jungle. As she got started there, she encountered many interesting new ways of life. She would write about them, now and then.

As I have recently realized.. life in the woods is a comparison study, to her life in the jungle.

A note of thoughts about one of my days here, I directed to her….

Dana, Dear,

When I used to read of your adventures, after you first moved south, I used to read, sometimes laugh now… I relate!
Today… since the wind is too high to burn my overflowing trash, I chose to wash clothes.
Hook hose to washer, hook hose pipe to washer, clean out washer of debris from cedar tree over washer, plug in washer, turn water on and attempt to avoid the spray from the leaky connections, avoid puddle forming from leaky connections, sort clothes in trunk of car (too stinky to leave inside RV), carry clothes 15 feet to washer, do not overfill or old washer will not churn (about 7 shirts or 4 pairs of pants), keep checking washer to make sure it is churning, if not, hand stir several times, when clothes have finished cycle, place in basket in wheelbarrow, wheel to clothes line 40 or so feet away, attempt to keep clothes clean while hanging, hang high enough dog will not pull clothes down, hope wind is not too strong to blow clothes off line, hope too much traffic does not pass on dirt road or more dust will cling to newly washed clothes now so exhausted with all the wash from one load, take break!

Forget the story about putting together shelves in storage, too tired to even think about writing all that… used the f word a lot!

Near the Persimmon Patch...

Nuff said!

Question: Am I a Pioneer Woman yet?

**I have now updated my system, since the writing of this. The leaks are fixed, so no more wasting water, or having to avoid spray or puddles. Also, moved my drying line many yards away from the road, which takes away the worry of dust from the traffic. The new area gets plenty of sun and breeze, is in the area where I am now plotting to put a cottage, and someday, I will move the washer to that area.. after digging a plumbing line and a ditch for electrical conduit.

Life in the Woods… I Like It!!

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January 22, 2011


by victorymoon

Been a bit Bash for the past few weeks…
Bashful with Words
Bashed with Illness
Bashed by Blues
Bashed in the head as I leaned too far in this rig……

Things have not been a party; Emotions have been running around in the gutter.









Why share any of it, has been my thoughts.

Things have picked up a bit though and thought I would throw a few lines together and post.

Still missing Mum
Still unemployed
Still cold weather around here and not much Sun

See….. why bother…. who wants to read such drivel?

Keep an account of things, in a way, yet, on public display?


December 21, 2010

Transition & Completion

by victorymoon


December 14th, at 1143pm, of this year, Betty Jean Ridenour Seymour died.

How odd and inaccurate that statement seems to me.

The above person held many titles, one being, mother. My mother.

I called her Mum, aka Ancient One. I also called her Ladybug.

As I felt the cold body that lay still in the hospital bed, I knew, Mum was no longer in there. She had shifted back into spirit form and was moving on.. to ? ….

She and I had an agreement; as soon as she could, she would return to this earthly dimension, in spirit form, with the goal of touching me on the head and letting me know she was good in the whereever.

We just felt this would be a way of comfort for both of us. See, Jean was ready to move on, her body was failing to hold life energy, yet, her fear of the unknown was attempting to keep her grounded on this rock.

We had many discussions concerning the unknown, the subject of fear, the knowing that death is part of the life cycle. None of these made the process easy, just easier, for me to let her go anyway.

As she lay in the bed, before the shift, resting in a painless sleep assisted by drugs, I sat beside and pondered.

Was the act of passing an act of completion as well as transition? As the end was near, was it truly the end? or soon to be another begining?

From the moment I felt her chest, to prove to myself I was seeing the truth, that it no longer was rising and falling… I felt such peace.

Jean Mum, in earth body form, no longer felt pain, cold feet, breathless…

What a relief that must be for her spirit…

As I walked out into the hall to summon a nurse, to confirm, I walked with hesitation. My feelings were so joyful; was that okay? Would someone seeing my face, knowing my mother had just died, understand the look of serenity I held about me? Did anyone else understand how the body that lay in that room had gone through so much stress and turmoil and now it had peace?

Earlier that day, Mum and I had begun singing in the angels, to walk her over.

A son of mine, Christopher, who had walked over back in 93, showed up with an outstretched hand. A friend of Jeans, Evonne, who had walked over a few years ago, also showed up with an outstretched hand.

We could feel the room full of joy and peace, as angels crowded in to flutter their wings and help lift Jean’s Spirit up and away.

I have not been one to call upon angels very often; so grand they did not hold it against me.  Not sure what we would have done without them.

December 21, 2010


by victorymoon

Despair says I cannot lift that weight. Happiness says I do not have to.


One Day at a time....

This remnant was present when I first began cleaning and clearing this piece of land in 2009. It was very heavy and the wheels would no longer turn. Steering was also impossible.. A task that seemed way beyond my capabilities. Each day I would walk out and approach the object, mentally prepared to move it. Each day, I did move it, some days, just inches. Other days, I would have the energy and the wind to help me and get it moved several feet. At the end of two months, the bike was relocated out of site and awaited removal.

When the “metal guy” arrived, he picked it up, put it on the trailer, and hauled it off. Yes, just like that.. It was gone.

When I stood there watching, I wondered why I had gone through so much, each day, to get it moved to a different location when it was just going to leave eventually anyway.

Now, I know… It was a beginning for me to understand what my power of intention can accomplish.

The bike was fine where it sat; it had been there for decades. I was the one that wanted it out of the way, out of my site. I had projects to do in that area and the bike sat as a hindrance for other plans I had. So, one day at a time, I got done what I wanted done. Only later, watching someone else, do the same, with so little effort, did it occur to me.. It is all about intent and inspiration and belief and creation. The bike did not care, the “metal guy” had no concern where it had been versus where it was when he arrived. Only me and my thoughts about the thing.

Most of life is designed this way, me thinks… and most of life can be accomplished, One day, at a time…

December 21, 2010

Did You Hear Me????

by victorymoon

The best form of flattery is to master the art of listening.

— Chinese proverb