by victorymoon

Despair says I cannot lift that weight. Happiness says I do not have to.


One Day at a time....

This remnant was present when I first began cleaning and clearing this piece of land in 2009. It was very heavy and the wheels would no longer turn. Steering was also impossible.. A task that seemed way beyond my capabilities. Each day I would walk out and approach the object, mentally prepared to move it. Each day, I did move it, some days, just inches. Other days, I would have the energy and the wind to help me and get it moved several feet. At the end of two months, the bike was relocated out of site and awaited removal.

When the “metal guy” arrived, he picked it up, put it on the trailer, and hauled it off. Yes, just like that.. It was gone.

When I stood there watching, I wondered why I had gone through so much, each day, to get it moved to a different location when it was just going to leave eventually anyway.

Now, I know… It was a beginning for me to understand what my power of intention can accomplish.

The bike was fine where it sat; it had been there for decades. I was the one that wanted it out of the way, out of my site. I had projects to do in that area and the bike sat as a hindrance for other plans I had. So, one day at a time, I got done what I wanted done. Only later, watching someone else, do the same, with so little effort, did it occur to me.. It is all about intent and inspiration and belief and creation. The bike did not care, the “metal guy” had no concern where it had been versus where it was when he arrived. Only me and my thoughts about the thing.

Most of life is designed this way, me thinks… and most of life can be accomplished, One day, at a time…


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