Love Stinks and Floats; build Ships and Moats!

by victorymoon

Just opened my eyes to the part about how my eyes are open seeking shit talkers.
That is what has me going; when it comes to B & M, for example.
Both have contacted me over the past few days, found their emails yesterday.
Replied causally to each; nothing unkind, just to the point they emailed about.

Yet, just got it this morn……………even after spending the time I did in the vortex of lies I was in, I was not blackened with soot.
Then I moved to Wimberley, C, the gal I rented the room from……….. Lies
K & her artist friend M……………Lies
Got to OK, taking lead on Jeans biz, apartment manager H……………… Lies

Sifted through the ashes a few times to recover to the point where I could see……… a bit like being caught in the overflow of Mt Vesuvius or something by that point.

Then, month after month, contact with brother M.
Only to be down the road 18 or so months later… there he stood, telling tales about me, in an audience of my family. As though he knew what he was talking about.
To be calling me names to my face, in the waiting room, while our mother lay dying in ICU.

While I stood straight and fought back the tears so that I could sort through a woman’s belongings…. while I dismantled a woman’s life…………. a friend, who had hauled off two loads of items for her own use, sent word, through someone else, that she was no longer available. Actually, she was not even that upfront; word was they were not available that day. No further word from either followed for the rest of the week, which I used to finish out the apartment and close down the address. When I attempted to find out how she was over the weekend, her husband was told to tell me she would call me back.
She never did.


like dirty rotten food out of the dumpster that someone else has already had in their mouth, chewed up, and then spit out.




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