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August 8, 2012

Way too long ago…..

by victorymoon

It has been ages since I did a post; not sure why… just Is!

So today, as I was reading a blog or two, it occurred to me it was time to update a bit.

Been wondering if I have any information to share, and honestly, not really.

It has been so hot here, 103+, most days, that my motivation is slim. Although, I have finally obtained two 4x4x10 ft treated posts and two bags of quikcrete, and got one post in the ground the other night.

Working in the early morn or mid to late eve is best these days… does not provide much time, yet, enough to get a few simple tasks done.

I am currently putting the posts in the ground near the rig to provide some shade. I gave a co-worker a used desk top computer and she gifted me with a mammoth sized black mesh shade cloth! A wonderful and needed addition to my spot.

Now I am devising a structure to place the cloth upon.

I want it to be multi- purpose, of course, and when time and money permit, to become a structure with a tin roof on it. Maybe work in some walls and windows too.

I have been collecting building materials when they become available, from job, and when I can find a simple inexpensive way to bring them home. So far I have 5 double pane windows, two bi-fold doors, a hollow core door, and have my sites on some screen inserts that I am hoping to grab up for close to nothing.

Storing them is also an issue, since the old trailer is full of leaks and the floor is rotting away. These issues were present when I moved up here, and the reason I began to pull the trailer apart. Then, as I realized I needed storage, I stopped the tear down and started using it instead.

My cottage plans are still on hold, due to many reasons… One being, energy to build, another, money, and now, as I am in a holding pattern, I find the spot I picked is maybe not the best area to build in.

I had planned to place the cottage, up on a deck, on posts, since the ground is sandy loam and shifts so easily. Plus, I had the field all staked out, and as I watch and walk the area, I find the heat unbearable!!!

Too much open area! It was a good idea for passive solar for the winter, when I was in full planning mode, yet, now that summer is in full swing… Too much Sun! So.. have been re-thinking, re-planning… Closer to the Persimmon trees will be better… and maybe.. maybe dig into the ground so that I can use some of the natural ground cooling too.

Not sure how much digging I can do, yet, maybe at least enough to get One room built into the ground. The whole plan has really changed, since the drought, and if this is the weather pattern to be, then plans must be made to work “with” nature, instead of adding AC and all that other stuff.

No recent photos; seems the camera and I need to become good friends again.