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August 8, 2012

Way too long ago…..

by victorymoon

It has been ages since I did a post; not sure why… just Is!

So today, as I was reading a blog or two, it occurred to me it was time to update a bit.

Been wondering if I have any information to share, and honestly, not really.

It has been so hot here, 103+, most days, that my motivation is slim. Although, I have finally obtained two 4x4x10 ft treated posts and two bags of quikcrete, and got one post in the ground the other night.

Working in the early morn or mid to late eve is best these days… does not provide much time, yet, enough to get a few simple tasks done.

I am currently putting the posts in the ground near the rig to provide some shade. I gave a co-worker a used desk top computer and she gifted me with a mammoth sized black mesh shade cloth! A wonderful and needed addition to my spot.

Now I am devising a structure to place the cloth upon.

I want it to be multi- purpose, of course, and when time and money permit, to become a structure with a tin roof on it. Maybe work in some walls and windows too.

I have been collecting building materials when they become available, from job, and when I can find a simple inexpensive way to bring them home. So far I have 5 double pane windows, two bi-fold doors, a hollow core door, and have my sites on some screen inserts that I am hoping to grab up for close to nothing.

Storing them is also an issue, since the old trailer is full of leaks and the floor is rotting away. These issues were present when I moved up here, and the reason I began to pull the trailer apart. Then, as I realized I needed storage, I stopped the tear down and started using it instead.

My cottage plans are still on hold, due to many reasons… One being, energy to build, another, money, and now, as I am in a holding pattern, I find the spot I picked is maybe not the best area to build in.

I had planned to place the cottage, up on a deck, on posts, since the ground is sandy loam and shifts so easily. Plus, I had the field all staked out, and as I watch and walk the area, I find the heat unbearable!!!

Too much open area! It was a good idea for passive solar for the winter, when I was in full planning mode, yet, now that summer is in full swing… Too much Sun! So.. have been re-thinking, re-planning… Closer to the Persimmon trees will be better… and maybe.. maybe dig into the ground so that I can use some of the natural ground cooling too.

Not sure how much digging I can do, yet, maybe at least enough to get One room built into the ground. The whole plan has really changed, since the drought, and if this is the weather pattern to be, then plans must be made to work “with” nature, instead of adding AC and all that other stuff.

No recent photos; seems the camera and I need to become good friends again.

December 10, 2010

Chems: Viral Gems

by victorymoon

I have been ill since Saturday, not with like a cold, I mean, ILL.

Severe Headaches, Earaches, Throat sore, drainage out of nose and down throat. Burning eyes, so much so, to keep them closed does not even give much relief. Oh, let me not forget the neck and shoulder pain, and the aches throughout my body. Also, a low grade fever.

A real treat of a week!!

Not since finding myself in a house with Black Mold, have I felt this bad.

When the symptoms first came on, very suddenly, I staying at my mum’s, in Durant OK.  I was sure she had no Black Mold, yet, symptoms said differently.

I arrived home on Sunday night, and thinking there was something in Durant causing the dis-ease, was sure I would be well again in a day or so.

It is now Thursday night and I am worse than I was Saturday, except, the headaches have subsided.

So, either both dwellings have Black Mold, or………… something else has got me.

With a bit of mental clarity, and a search engine, I came across the above site and page.

Interesting that while I stood outside in Durant, talking with a couple of women who are neighbors to mum, I noticed a couple of crisscrossing lines in the sky on Friday.

April 9, 2010 zipcode 73432

April 2010 Oklahoma

Now I am this ill………..

Could it be that Chem Trails are the reason for my malaise?

No, of course not; nothing as dastardly as sprayed poison from some covert plan, could have anything to do with how I feel tonight.

Wish I could get my hands on some hospital statistics and sleuth out if anyone else in the Durant area is currently suffering from similar symptoms and what the medical establishment has to say about it.

I do not use western medicine, so I will not be going to any doctor, so will most likely not hear about those other folks who may have been in the open last week.

Meanwhile, I did find another article, which gave me a few pointers, on things I can do to treat myself. Which, I have already started and am finding to give me some relief. Fact is, I waited too long to realize what I was up against.

Here is the other site and article; note in the comments the suggestion by Rose, to use hydrogen peroxide in the ears. Trust me, it is really helping….

Since I work with essential oils for healing purposes, I have been using methods for Black Mold all week.

Oregano, Tea Tree, Red Thyme, and some Rosemary ,  Cajeput and Camphor thrown in, for good measure.

Something has to be able to fight whatever it is in my system, no matter what the source.

FYI – the photo in this post is not from Durant, nor in December 2010.  It was taken north of Durant, in April, when the sky, which I had been admiring for it’s clear blue, suddenly became crisscrossed with flybys…..

December 9, 2010

So Tiring….

by victorymoon

If I can use something to make something, that was used before, and is now free and just sitting around, I will do it!

So when some krazy driver side swiped my postal box right off its stick, and left it laying in the ditch, I had a challenge.

The stick it had originally sat on was in pieces, and my thoughts were, if the driver did it with such ease once, it could happen again.

I took to thinking about how I could construct a setup that would be more stable; I ran across several ideas on the internet, as well as, in my mind.

Loved the one with the postal box embedded in a brick housing; had bricks, yet did not want to use them in such a fashion. They are precious and being saved for…. something more  important.

As I was staring at the brick pile, wondering if I, in fact, could part with them all, for that is what it would take for the setup… I spied, to the left, my trusty used tire pile.Tired

Ah…. now there we go… no shortage of those sweet rubbers…. If in fact I did need more, for anything, there is always an endless supply down the road at the local fix it shop.

So I got to hauling, and stacking, and Voila’

Now I have a stable perch for my postal box, at the needed height for the carrier to drop off mail, and it cost me nothing but some time and sweat.

I even think it is rather quaint, and speaks loudly of my passion for upcycling.

Besides the fact that I am the only one on this dirt road that has one…. lol…

at least for now……..

December 9, 2010

Honey, Honey, Honey…..

by victorymoon

Today, while commiserating with my pupp, Rufio, about how crappy we both feel…..

I recovered some information from my mind and did a little Chicky Checkup RU, and there it was….

How to Treat Your Pet’s Wound with Honey

(courtesy of eHow)

You can either pack it with gauze that is covered with Honey, or do what I am doing… Just pour the Local Organic Honey, into the deep hole in the top of his head, and on the gash on his right foreleg.

Ru has already licked the honey off his leg; that wound is healing nicely anyway, due to his care for it.

It is the one on his head, that he can not get to, that has me concerned the most.

Previously, with more than one pupp here, another dog would be caring for the spot on the top. In this case, I would be checking the healing, and only apply honey if I saw things not going well.

Since I am now Ru’s Pack member, it is now US, We is the Tribe, it is mine responsibility to “tend” the wound.

I have never been much for licking around on another beast, human or otherwise, so I will let the Honey do my chores for me today.

Which also provides me with a new nic namer for Ru… aka Honey Head… (he is already a sweetie, so this fits)



It matters not what you’ve done with your life, for better or worse.  What matters is what you do with your life today.

—  Alan Cohen

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December 9, 2010

Dis Embodied Dis Assembled

by victorymoon

A feeling just registered in my being; a feeling of being disembodied. As though my energy and my body, are becoming separate.

My time lately has been spent, busing myself and possessions, back and forth between “the woods” and “town”. Town being were Ancient One resides, and is currently, in hospital.

Ancient One is my mum; a precious soul, who inhabits a body with a chronic illness, that is sapping strength and energy. A One, is 85, somewhat settled, about leaving this planet, and yet, fearful of what the next realm holds.

For the past few weeks, when I am in her presence, one distinct phrase keeps repeating itself in my mind. “She is fading”.

When the feeling of being disembodied entered my mind this morning, so did the concept that, maybe, that phrase I have been hearing around A One, is not about her. Maybe it is about myself.

Then a second thought rode in; maybe the feeling is relative to A One and to myself.

That as her energy fades from this dimension, that part of her in me, is going also.

Tired yet Peaceful

Is that a possibility, or a probability.

Do “we” actually feel the life energy connection of another being, who we are deeply connected to, disconnect, when they flow from the present dimension of existence, into another?

I know that the chakra system has strands that connect us, like umbilical cords, to other people who we create the relationship with. Individuals in a sexual relationship, for example, even a causal one, create a strand, a link up, with each other. The more often, the stronger the strand.

So, with all that in mind, as the being that is transitioning, fades….. the link gets weaker? The strand has less pull on the other person?

This is an area I have not done much study on, and now I will have to. Although, with everything going on just now, I may have to leave it alone, except for this post about the feeling.

If anyone has further info on this type of situation, please write. Maybe someone who has had someone close to them slowly die, has experienced something of this sort.

Although it is a bit of a morbid topic, I certainly did not start out with that intention. Just so fascinating as the concepts started to flow into my mind this morning, that I felt it must be for the blog page. Why not, right? Right!