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March 24, 2011


by victorymoon


Been plotting and planninPlansg today, as I hang out clothes on the new line. The field nearby is my idea of a grand spot to begin a new living area. I have in mind, a wonderful Cottage; two-story with sleeping upstairs. Placed on a large deck, which is accessible on three sides of the structure. So, I have been raking and pulling out any brush that is starting to come up, and planting a few bulbs under the trees that the clothes line is connected to.

Now, this has been going on for the past two weeks, on my days off. Just today though, I thought, I best get a general idea of how much distance there is between where I am presently parked in the Vee, and how far I am going to go with my new setup needs. Seems I have way under estimated the distance from the present water and electric connections. Way not a good thing for many reasons.

First, I am needing to re-locate the current burn pit. The current pit is right in the way for the new road I have in mind. Must have water access wherever the piFire Pitt will be. Everything is good where it is, yet, when I move it to a new area… more hose is needed, or, a need hydrant connection. New hose will be least expensive, and I can do that soon. New Hydrant will mean digging a ditch, laying in pipes… Yikes!

Then, there is the issue of the Cottage I have in mind. To get the current company I am dealing with, to build it, the site must be within 150 ft of an electric hookup, OR, they will charge me an additional 80 buckaroos a day, so they can use a generator for power tools.. ..Yikes!!

So, to get a rough estimate, I stretched out my current hose to the full length, and it just made it to the Persimmon Patch, which is, the edge of the field PRIOR to where the building site is located and the new pit area is to be. I think the two lengths of hose I have are equivalent to 200 ft, which means I AM over my limit, for plumbing AND electric.

What to do now?… Guess I am back into planning stage, or, assume there are going to be additional costs I would prefer to NOT have. Of course, nothing has begun yet, it is all chatter with electricians, plumbers, and builders; nothing set in stone. Sure have my heart motivated by the Cottage plans though. Almost had the furniture in place; mentally anyway.

Ponder- While I was walking the area, seeking the spot for the new pit, I spied “another” tree that has uprooted itself. This makes two in the same area of land. What the heck?? By the way, same area is where I am looking at replacing the pit. Wonder if that has any significance. ……… “curiouser and curiouser…” says Alice.

December 8, 2010

Celebrate…….. You Rock!

by victorymoon

Rock Out

Today, December 8th, is a day, much like any day, except… a person born on this date, moons ago, happens to be a friend of mine. A Sista Friend, as I call her. Someone so dear, that it occurred to me just recently, that if I had chosen my DNA family, I would have placed her in the mix.

Now, some say, we DO chose our family of origin, before arriving on this planet in human form. That we chose persons who will help us create the best environment to enhance our lessons to be learned.

I say, It well may be, and yet, Tiz a scary thought!!

How many of us, find ourselves well suited to live within our current family structure? Do we get along with our siblings? How about our parents?

Or are you in the group that seems to find yourself more like “Valentine”, the character in Heinlein’s novel, “Stranger in a Strange Land”. As if we were raised on another planet, and then just recently returned to planet earth, as an early adult. Not knowing the customs, the mores, or even the slang of language.

Well, this Sista Friend, the one I mentioned has a celebration day today… She must have been raised on the other planet that I was. Cuzz she squawks like I do!

So, to Sista, I say, Hail!
and Happy B Day!!

May Your road be blessed with pebbles, instead of stones, and may you encounter well springs of pure delight!
…. just watch out for the scat on the side of the cistern…you know how that goes…

FYI : check out Sista’s site, Seeker 2 Seeker, see for yourself, why she Rocks!

Fear is excitement without breath.

— Fritz Perls

November 18, 2009

Another Saturday night and I aint got nobody… Huh? It’s Wednesday morning? …oh…

by victorymoon


Yes, it’s is 11-18-09 and 12:11 am and I am, just now, hard boiling some eggs, munching on sesame pretzels,and  popping some baby kosher dills.  Although a rather odd hour to be eating, right before bedtime and all, I have gotten a blog site started. My dear stomach has been ignored all day. It is such a patient belly though, not a bit of complaint; just my taste buds telling me that caffeine and nicotine are quite passe’, today, and grindage is the order for the now. I do not argue.

Have You ever done that? Gotten so involved in a project, that maybe has been put to the back for way too long, and then, finally, you open the box, get out the paper and art markers, and finally draw that portrait of your mum that you have been promising her since you were 7? So involved I mean, that you have lost all site of your body parts? I mean, yes, your hands are there and working on the projects, or toes maybe, yet, when you finally reach your goal, do the deed, pass the paste back into the box, you then assess somehow that your eyes are slivers, your shoulders knots of tension, and your weary bones have not been fed?

Somehow in the heat of the moment, while your brain grabbed for repeated traction, and your transmission engaged, no other issue was as important than stilling your mind with some creative fodder.

Well, it has been one of those day, today, a…excuse me, yesterday, for me.

I make outlines for myself, for all the numerous projects I find myself compelled to par take of. beginning a Blog has been on ….let’s see, 4 or 5 outlines now, since the beginning of 09? Yes, here are the napkins and grocery receipts, yes, right here, on the napkin from Arby’s, from 4th of July picnic, and there again, on this Wally World receipt when I bought suntan lotion on sale at the last of summer. See, proof positive that, although I do have a lurking tenacity to procrastinate, I do outline, keep the outlines, and eventually, perform the tasks listed.  I mailed the portrait to my grandson, since, he did know his grandmother, before she passed. She left no forwarding address.