As I chose a name for this site, I had in mind, how much I enjoy researching a plethora of topics. How I can get so involved in doing so, I forget to even eat, for days…

So, I figured, I would have tons to share on topics I found passion in learning about.....thus the path

Over time, due to many other items in my life that needed and need attention, my original Intent got a bit sidetracked.

Now I find just having the site as an outlet to write and post my photos, is a good thing.

The photos on the site are my own; let me know if you would like to use any of them. I would appreciate the compliment.

The story of Alice in Wonderland, the original, that I am still attempting to finish reading, continues to feed my quotes for my life.

Love the line, “curiouser and curiouser”………

Down the Rabbit Hole, is exactly where I find myself on some days.

Life is such a series of dark twisty turns, with who knows what surprises, just along the path.

It is All Good!

Just does not always translate that way…. or does It?


So, if you follow along any one of the trails with me, let me hear from you.

Your feedback, might be my next post!


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