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December 21, 2010

Transition & Completion

by victorymoon


December 14th, at 1143pm, of this year, Betty Jean Ridenour Seymour died.

How odd and inaccurate that statement seems to me.

The above person held many titles, one being, mother. My mother.

I called her Mum, aka Ancient One. I also called her Ladybug.

As I felt the cold body that lay still in the hospital bed, I knew, Mum was no longer in there. She had shifted back into spirit form and was moving on.. to ? ….

She and I had an agreement; as soon as she could, she would return to this earthly dimension, in spirit form, with the goal of touching me on the head and letting me know she was good in the whereever.

We just felt this would be a way of comfort for both of us. See, Jean was ready to move on, her body was failing to hold life energy, yet, her fear of the unknown was attempting to keep her grounded on this rock.

We had many discussions concerning the unknown, the subject of fear, the knowing that death is part of the life cycle. None of these made the process easy, just easier, for me to let her go anyway.

As she lay in the bed, before the shift, resting in a painless sleep assisted by drugs, I sat beside and pondered.

Was the act of passing an act of completion as well as transition? As the end was near, was it truly the end? or soon to be another begining?

From the moment I felt her chest, to prove to myself I was seeing the truth, that it no longer was rising and falling… I felt such peace.

Jean Mum, in earth body form, no longer felt pain, cold feet, breathless…

What a relief that must be for her spirit…

As I walked out into the hall to summon a nurse, to confirm, I walked with hesitation. My feelings were so joyful; was that okay? Would someone seeing my face, knowing my mother had just died, understand the look of serenity I held about me? Did anyone else understand how the body that lay in that room had gone through so much stress and turmoil and now it had peace?

Earlier that day, Mum and I had begun singing in the angels, to walk her over.

A son of mine, Christopher, who had walked over back in 93, showed up with an outstretched hand. A friend of Jeans, Evonne, who had walked over a few years ago, also showed up with an outstretched hand.

We could feel the room full of joy and peace, as angels crowded in to flutter their wings and help lift Jean’s Spirit up and away.

I have not been one to call upon angels very often; so grand they did not hold it against me.  Not sure what we would have done without them.