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December 9, 2010

Honey, Honey, Honey…..

by victorymoon

Today, while commiserating with my pupp, Rufio, about how crappy we both feel…..

I recovered some information from my mind and did a little Chicky Checkup RU, and there it was….

How to Treat Your Pet’s Wound with Honey

(courtesy of eHow)

You can either pack it with gauze that is covered with Honey, or do what I am doing… Just pour the Local Organic Honey, into the deep hole in the top of his head, and on the gash on his right foreleg.

Ru has already licked the honey off his leg; that wound is healing nicely anyway, due to his care for it.

It is the one on his head, that he can not get to, that has me concerned the most.

Previously, with more than one pupp here, another dog would be caring for the spot on the top. In this case, I would be checking the healing, and only apply honey if I saw things not going well.

Since I am now Ru’s Pack member, it is now US, We is the Tribe, it is mine responsibility to “tend” the wound.

I have never been much for licking around on another beast, human or otherwise, so I will let the Honey do my chores for me today.

Which also provides me with a new nic namer for Ru… aka Honey Head… (he is already a sweetie, so this fits)



It matters not what you’ve done with your life, for better or worse.  What matters is what you do with your life today.

—  Alan Cohen

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