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March 3, 2011

A Day Off…

by victorymoon

A friend of mine moved to Mexico many moons ago; she picked a place, basically, in the jungle. As she got started there, she encountered many interesting new ways of life. She would write about them, now and then.

As I have recently realized.. life in the woods is a comparison study, to her life in the jungle.

A note of thoughts about one of my days here, I directed to her….

Dana, Dear,

When I used to read of your adventures, after you first moved south, I used to read, sometimes laugh now… I relate!
Today… since the wind is too high to burn my overflowing trash, I chose to wash clothes.
Hook hose to washer, hook hose pipe to washer, clean out washer of debris from cedar tree over washer, plug in washer, turn water on and attempt to avoid the spray from the leaky connections, avoid puddle forming from leaky connections, sort clothes in trunk of car (too stinky to leave inside RV), carry clothes 15 feet to washer, do not overfill or old washer will not churn (about 7 shirts or 4 pairs of pants), keep checking washer to make sure it is churning, if not, hand stir several times, when clothes have finished cycle, place in basket in wheelbarrow, wheel to clothes line 40 or so feet away, attempt to keep clothes clean while hanging, hang high enough dog will not pull clothes down, hope wind is not too strong to blow clothes off line, hope too much traffic does not pass on dirt road or more dust will cling to newly washed clothes now so exhausted with all the wash from one load, take break!

Forget the story about putting together shelves in storage, too tired to even think about writing all that… used the f word a lot!

Near the Persimmon Patch...

Nuff said!

Question: Am I a Pioneer Woman yet?

**I have now updated my system, since the writing of this. The leaks are fixed, so no more wasting water, or having to avoid spray or puddles. Also, moved my drying line many yards away from the road, which takes away the worry of dust from the traffic. The new area gets plenty of sun and breeze, is in the area where I am now plotting to put a cottage, and someday, I will move the washer to that area.. after digging a plumbing line and a ditch for electrical conduit.

Life in the Woods… I Like It!!

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