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November 18, 2009

Another Saturday night and I aint got nobody… Huh? It’s Wednesday morning? …oh…

by victorymoon


Yes, it’s is 11-18-09 and 12:11 am and I am, just now, hard boiling some eggs, munching on sesame pretzels,and  popping some baby kosher dills.  Although a rather odd hour to be eating, right before bedtime and all, I have gotten a blog site started. My dear stomach has been ignored all day. It is such a patient belly though, not a bit of complaint; just my taste buds telling me that caffeine and nicotine are quite passe’, today, and grindage is the order for the now. I do not argue.

Have You ever done that? Gotten so involved in a project, that maybe has been put to the back for way too long, and then, finally, you open the box, get out the paper and art markers, and finally draw that portrait of your mum that you have been promising her since you were 7? So involved I mean, that you have lost all site of your body parts? I mean, yes, your hands are there and working on the projects, or toes maybe, yet, when you finally reach your goal, do the deed, pass the paste back into the box, you then assess somehow that your eyes are slivers, your shoulders knots of tension, and your weary bones have not been fed?

Somehow in the heat of the moment, while your brain grabbed for repeated traction, and your transmission engaged, no other issue was as important than stilling your mind with some creative fodder.

Well, it has been one of those day, today, a…excuse me, yesterday, for me.

I make outlines for myself, for all the numerous projects I find myself compelled to par take of. beginning a Blog has been on ….let’s see, 4 or 5 outlines now, since the beginning of 09? Yes, here are the napkins and grocery receipts, yes, right here, on the napkin from Arby’s, from 4th of July picnic, and there again, on this Wally World receipt when I bought suntan lotion on sale at the last of summer. See, proof positive that, although I do have a lurking tenacity to procrastinate, I do outline, keep the outlines, and eventually, perform the tasks listed.  I mailed the portrait to my grandson, since, he did know his grandmother, before she passed. She left no forwarding address.