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August 1, 2010

Hey UE……….

by victorymoon

Much to do....




more than necessary:in excess of what is needed a lot of superfluous detail  


inessential:not essential superfluous to the discussion  

[14th century. Directly or via French < Latin superfluus < superfluere “overflow” < super “over, above” + fluere “to flow”]
su·per·flu·ous·ly, , adv
su·per·flu·ous·ness, , n

I spend little time on the internet, and what information I have, I either use, or hide away for some point in the future.

As for blogs, in general.

Are there not two billion of them at this time? Why in the world, again a question aimed at the Universe, would mine be needed, read, or whatever?

Heck, I don’t even make entries!!!

So why not pull it off of here and give the space over to someone who will?

Because I am not quite ready to call it quits, I say.

It is difficult to get on the internet, most days, and yet, hey, I am on it now anyway.

Searching through someone else’s info.

Why not include some of my own.

So, today, the info, is a word.


I had to spell it several times before I got it correct, yet, I finally did.

[sə púrfloo əss]

What in the world was I thinking? Or was I? thinking, I mean.
When I started reading blogs, they consumed me. Ate them up as well, I did.

Now, with the internet connection as unreliable as it is for me here, having my own blog seems superfluous.