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December 8, 2010

Evening… within the woods…

by victorymoon

As the day draws down, and the sky fills with light from universes far away… Ru and I seek warmth and companionship with each other.

His pain seems to have subsided, for now, and I notice his desire for food and drink have increased. This is good.Night Sky

Hospital has been called; Ancient One rests, not ready to be moved.

I take a deep breath and think about sustenance .

Already have eaten once today, a good change, so added food is just a thought.

There are so many other forms of sustenance;

sustenance [ˈsʌstənəns]
1. means of sustaining health or life; nourishment
2. means of maintenance; livelihood
3. Also sustention [səˈstɛnʃən] the act or process of sustaining or the quality of being sustained [from Old French sostenance, from sustenir to sustain]


Yet, it does not even mention how we are social creatures, and occasionally must meet the need. Nor does it touch on how understanding and learning, feed the soul.

Check a thesaurus, there are more phrases, yet, mostly food related, or livelihood. (just what is livelihood?)

Tonight, I want my sus, in the form of a hot water bath, a healthy Mum and Pupp, friends to chat with into the wee hours, and a fire in the pit.

I will settle; soup, a book, a warm bed, a heart broken Ru.

Bless All……….


“No one is really working for peace unless he is working primarily for the restoration of wisdom.”—E. F. Schumacher