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December 8, 2010

Celebrate…….. You Rock!

by victorymoon

Rock Out

Today, December 8th, is a day, much like any day, except… a person born on this date, moons ago, happens to be a friend of mine. A Sista Friend, as I call her. Someone so dear, that it occurred to me just recently, that if I had chosen my DNA family, I would have placed her in the mix.

Now, some say, we DO chose our family of origin, before arriving on this planet in human form. That we chose persons who will help us create the best environment to enhance our lessons to be learned.

I say, It well may be, and yet, Tiz a scary thought!!

How many of us, find ourselves well suited to live within our current family structure? Do we get along with our siblings? How about our parents?

Or are you in the group that seems to find yourself more like “Valentine”, the character in Heinlein’s novel, “Stranger in a Strange Land”. As if we were raised on another planet, and then just recently returned to planet earth, as an early adult. Not knowing the customs, the mores, or even the slang of language.

Well, this Sista Friend, the one I mentioned has a celebration day today… She must have been raised on the other planet that I was. Cuzz she squawks like I do!

So, to Sista, I say, Hail!
and Happy B Day!!

May Your road be blessed with pebbles, instead of stones, and may you encounter well springs of pure delight!
…. just watch out for the scat on the side of the cistern…you know how that goes…

FYI : check out Sista’s site, Seeker 2 Seeker, see for yourself, why she Rocks!

Fear is excitement without breath.

— Fritz Perls