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December 9, 2010

So Tiring….

by victorymoon

If I can use something to make something, that was used before, and is now free and just sitting around, I will do it!

So when some krazy driver side swiped my postal box right off its stick, and left it laying in the ditch, I had a challenge.

The stick it had originally sat on was in pieces, and my thoughts were, if the driver did it with such ease once, it could happen again.

I took to thinking about how I could construct a setup that would be more stable; I ran across several ideas on the internet, as well as, in my mind.

Loved the one with the postal box embedded in a brick housing; had bricks, yet did not want to use them in such a fashion. They are precious and being saved for…. something more  important.

As I was staring at the brick pile, wondering if I, in fact, could part with them all, for that is what it would take for the setup… I spied, to the left, my trusty used tire pile.Tired

Ah…. now there we go… no shortage of those sweet rubbers…. If in fact I did need more, for anything, there is always an endless supply down the road at the local fix it shop.

So I got to hauling, and stacking, and Voila’

Now I have a stable perch for my postal box, at the needed height for the carrier to drop off mail, and it cost me nothing but some time and sweat.

I even think it is rather quaint, and speaks loudly of my passion for upcycling.

Besides the fact that I am the only one on this dirt road that has one…. lol…

at least for now……..